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Using Stories to Teach Children about History and Life: A Conversation with Historical Fiction Author Danny Kravitz

kravitzdanny_bookMany of us probably can remember a history class that seemed like nothing more than a list of names and dates to memorize. But when history is taught well, we learn powerful lessons that relate to our own lives, right here, right now. Author Danny Kravitz, an Emmy-winning screenwriter and professor at Columbia College in Chicago, brings his passion for story-telling to historical fiction books for school-age children, including his recently-published Tommy McKnight and the Great Election. As you will hear in this lively discussion, Marti & Erin are excited to introduce you to Danny’s work, which triggers a poignant memory for Marti of historical biographies that shaped the course of her life when she was only eight years old!


What has been your children’s experience – and your own – in learning history? Why do you think it is important for children and adults to learn about history? What historical biography or historical fiction books have you or your children read that have helped you feel personally connected to history?


To learn more about Danny’s historical fiction books, click here.

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