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Living with Autism: Hopeful, Helpful Tips from Moms Who Know

book by living with autism Mom Enough guests Elizabeth Reeve and Elizabeth VerdickChild psychiatrist Elizabeth Reeve and children’s author Elizabeth Verdick have more in common than a first name; both are moms of sons living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). They have pooled their experience and talent to write a book aimed at young people with ASD, but Marti & Erin see this clear, engaging, practical book as a great resource for anyone who knows a person with ASD – and who doesn’t? Tune into this week’s Mom Enough show to hear these mothers’ stories of life with their sons and how they have helped them navigate the social and emotional challenges they confront at home, at school and in the larger world.


Do you know a child living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? What are some of the ways they respond differently than typically-developing children to ordinary social situations at school or work? What did you learn in this week’s Mom Enough discussion that helps you understand more about the behavior of the child you know (keeping in mind that each child with ASD is unique)?


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