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Experiences, Pressures and Possibilities of Today’s Mothers: Insights from an Anthropologist’s Study

Brown,Solveig_bookToday’s mothers often feel pressure to live up to what we think someone else expects of us. And, however we define “success” as a mother, we often seem to question whether we are measuring up. That certainly was true for the Minnesota moms who participated in a recent anthropological study conducted by Dr. Solveig Brown and published in her just-released book, All On One Plate: Cultural Expectations on American Mothers. Solveig joins Marti & Erin for a heartfelt discussion of the doubt and guilt so many moms experience, the ways moms have found to cope with the multiple pressures they feel and the powerful role of support and shared stories in easing moms’ struggles.


What do you see as most important to being a “good mom” in today’s world? What comes most easily to you as a mom and what are the biggest challenges you face in measuring up to your own expectations? What could you do to ease the pressure you feel and how could you strengthen your support network (if you think you need to)?


For Solveig’s All On One Plate discussion guide, click here.

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