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Easing children’s fears around Halloween

During Halloween you see lots of zombies and monsters in the streets, something that can be fun for many children, but frightening for others. Many young children imagine there are scary creatures hiding in the closet or under the bed even when it’s not Halloween. If your child has those fears, how should you respond? And how can you tell if your child’s fears are beyond what is typical?


Marti shared with KARE 11 News at 11‘s Bryan Piatt these tips for dealing with children’s fears, not only at Halloween, but all year long:

1) Keep very young children away from scary images, if possible

2) Take your child’s fears seriously, but don’t overreact.

3) Help your child gradually master fears

4) Remember your childhood and see through your child’s eyes

5) If your child’s fears are extreme, interfere with sleep or the ability to play and learn during the day, seek professional help


To view the video of this KARE 11 News at 11 segment, play the video box above.

To read Marti’s tip sheet on easing children’s fears, click here.

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