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Supporting Your Young Child’s Language Development: Expert Guidance from Help Me Grow

photo of language development ME guest Ann DerrLanguage development is central to most academic learning and social relationships, and it begins long before children speak words. Ann Derr brings more than 30 years of experience in early childhood special education, with a focus on linguistically diverse families, to her discussion with Marti & Erin in this Mom Enough show. On behalf of Help Me Grow, who sponsored her appearance, Ann provides guidance on supporting optimal language development; understanding the effects of bilingualism in early childhood; recognizing signs that language development might not be on track; and knowing where to turn if you have questions or concerns. Listen to this important conversation and share with other parents and caregivers of babies and young children.


What are some of the most important and enjoyable ways to support your young child’s language development? What did you learn in this Mom Enough interview about children’s development of language when they are exposed to one language at home and another in childcare or school?


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