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The Impact of Media on Children’s Behavior & Development: A Conversation with Dr. Douglas Gentile

photo of impact of media on children ME guest Dr. Doug GentileWith new technologies making it possible to watch videos or play video games almost any time and any place, many of us worry about the impact of media on children’s learning, behavior and development. Many early studies asked broad questions, such as whether watching violent content was associated with aggressive behavior. But recent studies are taking a more nuanced approach and yielding important insights into subtle ways media experiences shape a child’s perceptions, beliefs, behavior, school performance and even physical health. Douglas Gentile, psychology professor at Iowa State University and a leading researcher on children and the impact of media, joins Marti & Erin for an information-packed discussion every parent should hear. Take special note of the power of parents to prevent the negative effects of media!


What was most interesting and surprising about Dr. Gentile’s research findings on the impact of media on children’s development? What practical steps can you take to make sure your children reap the benefits and avoid the problems associated with screen time?

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