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Signs of Childhood Depression: What We All Should Know

photo of signs of childhood depression ME guest Dr. Elizabeth ReeveChildhood should be a time of joy, discovery and positive connection with family and friends. So it’s difficult for most of us to imagine a child experiencing depression. But, as this week’s Mom Enough guest knows, depression can and does affect people of any age. And it’s up to teachers, parents and other caring adults to be alert to the signs of childhood depression and to make sure a child exhibiting those signs gets a proper evaluation and, as needed, appropriate treatment and support. Child and adolescent psychiatrist Elizabeth Reeve has a wonderful way of educating all of us about children’s mental health, so Marti & Erin are grateful she agreed to join them to address signs of childhood depression.


Have you known a child who was depressed? To what extent were the symptoms the same as or different from depressive symptoms in adults? What new information about signs of childhood depression did you learn from Dr. Elizabeth Reeve in this week’s Mom Enough show?


For Dr. Reeve’s book aimed at young people with ASD, click here.

For Marti’s tips on recognizing signs that your child might have a mental health problem, click here.

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