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Preventing Cavities for Your Children: Surprising Dental Health Tips from Dr. Roger Lucas

photo of dental health ME guest Roger Lucas' book, More Chocolate, No CavitiesWhen Marti & Erin saw the book More Chocolate, No Cavities, they thought, “What in the world?” But author and dentist, Dr. Roger Lucas, has a strong, research-based dental health message and clear tips on “teeth-friendly foods” to give your children. He also shares common snacks to avoid or keep to a minimum, the importance of organized eating rather than grazing and how and when your children should brush their teeth. (And yes, he really does recommend chocolate.) Tune in and learn along with Marti & Erin in this interesting discussion of the pathway to zero cavities.


What surprised you about the foods that do and don’t cause cavities? Based on that information and Dr. Lucas’s recommendation that children eat six mini-meals a day, what are you doing right and what dental health steps can you take to further prevent tooth decay for your children?


For 50 snack ideas (that aren’t crackers), click here.

For 25 ideas to make brushing more fun for your child, click here.

For additional resources from Dr. Lucas, click here.

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