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What is the best way to recover from emotional exhaustion, according to experts?

RealSimple_Emotional ExhaustionThose of you who read Real Simple magazine likely noticed Marti’s contribution to Ingela Ratledge’s article titled “How to Recover From Emotional Exhaustion” in the January issue. The article contained expert advice on how parents should react and what they should keep in mind after an emotion-filled event.


Marti gave advice for what to keep in mind after receiving the worst news. Here is an excerpt:


When the show absolutely must go on, even with bad news weighing you down, name the elephant in the room. “I was once scheduled to give a speech at a conference, and right before that I got word that my daughter had been hospitalized,” says Marti Erickson, Ph.D., a developmental psychologist and a cohost of the podcast Mom Enough. “I couldn’t get a flight home until a few hours later, so I went ahead with the event. I began by telling the audience very briefly what I was facing. Just naming it helped me shift my focus to my topic and give a good speech.”


To read more of this article excerpt, click here.

To read the full article (with more advice from Marti), obtain a hard copy of the magazine, available in bookstores, on newsstands and by subscription.

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