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Fitting Self-care into Your Busy Schedule: The Why and How of Taking Steps Toward Greater Health and Well-being

book image for ME's fitting in self-care guest, Julie BurtonIt’s easy for our days as mothers to become one big to-do list. And when someone tells us we should make time for self-care, we might be tempted to shout, “Not one more thing!” Author Julie Burton knows that, but she also knows how important it is for moms to join forces to figure out realistic ways to nurture our health and well-being, both for ourselves and our children. To that end, Julie interviewed hundreds of mothers in preparation for writing her book, The Self-Care Solution: A Modern Mother’s Must-Have Guide to Health and Well-Being. She brings the experiences of these mothers and her own insights as a mother of four to her heartfelt discussion with Marti & Erin.


To what extent do you build self-care into your daily life? What factors help or hinder you in attending to your own health and well-being? What tips would you offer a new mom about how to build self-care into her life?


For Julie’s blog, click here.

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