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Being a Good Sport Parent: Practical Guidance on Bringing Out the Best in Your Young Athlete

photo of being a good sport parent guest, Dr. Nicole LaVoiWe’ve all seen them (and many of us have been them) – the parents yelling at the referee, coaching their child from the sidelines or booing the other team. What are kids learning when they see that behavior? And how does that sport parent behavior affect children’s health, well-being and feelings about sports? University of Minnesota researcher Dr. Nicole LaVoi has spent years seeking answers to these questions, and she has helped many communities move toward more positive attitudes and behavior to support children’s development as athletes and people of character. In this Mom Enough show, Marti & Erin were taking Nicole’s well-tested advice on being a good sport parent to heart, and you will too!


How would you describe your own behavior at your children’s sports events? Based on what Dr. LaVoi discussed in this Mom Enough interview, what are you doing well and what could you improve as a sport parent?


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