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Teaching Your Sons and Daughters about Healthy Relationships, Dating and Sexual Decision-making: A Conversation with Author and Speaker Mike Domitrz

book image for ME's healthy relationships guest, Mike DomitrzAs parents, many of us are uneasy talking candidly with our sons and daughters about healthy relationships, dating and the decisions they will face in their relationships. We may worry that if we say too much, we’ll stimulate our children’s sexual interest. But talking is essential to teaching values and healthy, respectful choices. Fueled by a traumatic incident in his own family, Mike Domitrz has helped countless people learn how to approach this important part of parenting. Building on his book Can I Kiss You?, Mike brings a powerful message and concrete tips to his discussion with Marti & Erin.


What did you hear in this Mom Enough show that will help you talk with your children about healthy relationships, dating and sexual decision-making? Mike Domitrz emphasizes teaching the practice of asking, “Can I kiss you?” Have you done that and, if so, how did your children respond?


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