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Promoting Your Child’s Math Skills and Confidence: Putting Math in a Positive Light

photo of ME's math skills guest, Michele MazzoccoMany children develop the idea that math is hard, just too much work and drudgery. And yet, even toddlers are attracted to numbers and have an intuitive sense of the meaning of basic math skills. So how can we sustain that interest in our young children or help our older kids recapture it? University of Minnesota professor Michele Mazzocco has spent her career studying just that and she joins Marti & Erin for an encouraging and interesting discussion of how to help your children discover that math is fun, doable and relevant to everyday life. Tune in and you may find your own attitude toward math skills improving too! This Mom Enough show is made possible thanks to the support of Help Me Grow.


Whatever the ages of your children, what do you notice about the way they intuitively use math concepts in everyday life? Based on what you heard in this Mom Enough show, what could you do to help your children build math skills and get excited about math?


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