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Reflective Parenting: How Reflecting on Your Feelings and Your Child’s Can Turn Everyday Challenges into Breakthrough Moments

book image for ME's reflective parenting guest, Dr. Regina PallyWhen our child misbehaves, we often react quickly with a lecture, a consequence or an angry outburst. But what if we paused to see through our child’s eyes and understand what motivated his or her behavior? What if we took a moment to assess our own feelings and how they are colored by stress or life experiences, past and present? This is reflective parenting, as psychiatrist Regina Pally discusses with Marti & Erin, and it can transform our relationships and the way we help our children learn to understand their own emotions and behavior.


Think of a recent difficult situation with your child and how you handled it. What do you think might have been the purpose or meaning of your child’s behavior? What were your feelings at the time? Were your figures triggered only by your child’s behavior or did other factors enter in? Using these reflections, what, if anything, would you do differently in that situation?


For The Reflective Parent, click here.

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