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The Suicide Survivors’ Club: One Family’s Effort to Bring Suicide Out of the Shadows

book image for ME's suicide survivors guests, Becky Anderson & Aidan AndersonA parent’s death is devastating to the surviving spouse and children. But when the death is by suicide, stigma may lead to silence and isolation, and suicide survivors often experience the added pain of guilt, shame, confusion and anger. Rebecca Anderson and her children lost their husband and father to suicide in 2002 and, since then, have taken steps to challenge the stigma of mental illness and suicide, using their experience to support others facing such a tragic loss. Drawing on the Suicide Survivors’ Club book series they developed with artist Laurie Phillips, Rebecca and son Aidan join Marti & Erin for a candid discussion of this issue that touches the lives of so many (including Marti, who has strong memories of her grandfather’s suicide when she was seven years old).


Have you been touched directly by suicide in your family or community? Why do you think there continues to be such a stigma about it and what steps could you take to help reduce that stigma?


For the Suicide Survivors’ Club website, click here.

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