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Be a reflective parent and raise reflective children

As a parent, do you sometimes act before you think, overreact to small things especially in times of stress, or fall into unhealthy patterns you learned in your own childhood? Research shows that becoming more reflective about how you respond to the challenges of parenting is the first step in learning a better way. And as you become more reflective, you will be better able to help your children do the same.


Marti joined Zachery Lashway on KARE 11 News at 11 with the following tips for parents :

1) When emotions rise in a challenging situation, pause and reflect

2) Tell your child you are hitting the “pause” button

3) Set aside times to reflect on how you were parented

4) Coach your child to reflect on emotions and behavioral choices


To view the video of this KARE 11 News at 11 segment, play the video box above.

To read Marti’s Being a Reflective Parent, Raising Reflective Children tip sheet, click here.

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