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Parenting Transgender Youth: Personal Reflections and Professional Insights from Leslie Lagerstrom and Dr. Elizabeth Reeve

photo of ME's transgender youth guests, Leslie Lagerstrom & Dr. Elizabeth ReeveWhat is your experience with – or knowledge of – transgender individuals? What do you know about mental health challenges transgender youth may face and factors that help them thrive and succeed in life?


This week, mom and blogger Leslie Lagerstrom (creator of Transparenthood) and child and adolescent psychiatrist Elizabeth Reeve join Marti & Erin for a candid and informative discussion of raising a transgender child, helping family and friends accept and support the child and understanding both the risks and protective factors that influence mental health outcomes for transgender youth.


Do you know a transgender person? What did you hear in this Mom Enough discussion that gave you a new perspective on issues faced by transgender youth and their families?


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