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Moving Beyond Perfectionism in Parenting: Liberating Guidance from Author and Psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo

book image for ME's perfectionism in parenting guest, Dr. Elizabeth LombardoWhen you lose your cool when your toddler misbehaves at the park or when your teen botches a major exam, what do you say to yourself? If you’re like many parents, you probably slip into all-or-nothing thinking – saying to yourself, for example, “I’m a terrible parent!” or “My kid will never get into a good college!”


This week’s Mom Enough guest, Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, offers practical ways to step back and put our failures (and our children’s) into perspective, using these opportunities for evaluation and reframing that will quiet our inner critic and allow us to learn and grow. With great energy and a refreshing outlook, Elizabeth helps us understand how we and our children can strive for excellence without falling into the trap of perfectionism.


Think of recent times when you or your young child have made a significant mistake or have failed in some way. What did you think or say to yourself? Did you fall into the “all-or-nothing” thinking Dr. Lombardo talks about? What could you say to yourself instead that would be less perfectionistic and more helpful?


For Dr. Elizabeth’s blog, click here.

For Dr. Elizabeth’s Better Than Perfect book, click here.

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