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Potty Training and Bed-wetting: Calm Guidance from Dr. Andrew Barnes

photo of ME's potty training and bed-wetting guest, Dr. Andrew BarnesAs parents, many of us struggle to sort through varied and often contradictory bits of potty training and bed-wetting advice from childrearing books, peers, grandparents and childcare providers. We wonder when our child should be out of diapers, when toileting “accidents” are something to worry about and what approach will be most effective (and least harmful) in helping our children achieve independence in toileting.


This week’s Mom Enough guest, University of Minnesota’s Dr. Andrew Barnes, helps cut through the confusion with both concrete tips and wise advice to remain calm and patient.


What different kinds of advice have you received about potty training and bed-wetting and how did that advice come to you? What was helpful and what was not? Are your children at an age at which toileting problems are still an issue? If so, what did you get from this week’s Mom Enough show to help you see or respond to the issue in new ways?

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