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Safer Pools, Safer Kids: A Mother’s Campaign to Fulfill “Abbey’s Hope”

Katey & Scott Taylorphoto of ME's Abbey's Hope guest, Katey Taylor faced a devastating loss when their daughter Abbey suffered horrific injuries due to a faulty drain in a public wading pool and subsequently died. With strength and resilience, they and their family have worked to make sure no other child experiences what Abbey did.


Aptly named “Abbey’s Hope,” their foundation partners with schools and community organizations to promote legislation to ensure pool safety, to educate parents about water safety and to make swim lessons available to all children. Listen as Katey shares her personal story and important lessons with Marti & Erin.


What do you need to know about drains in the pools where your children swim or play? What other steps can you take to keep your children safe in the water?


For tips for parents from Abbey’s Hope, click here.

To become a Water Watchdog and receive a free tag, click here.

To make sure your pool is compliant with the requirements of the acts discussed, click here.

For the YMCA Safety Around Water application, click here.

To see what a dangerous drain cover looks like, click here.

To see what a safe drain cover looks like, click here.

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  1. Alan Korn on June 7, 2017

    Outstanding pool safety podcast. You guys sure did your homework. So well prepared. We do these a lot and this was one of the best.

    Alan Korn
    Executive Director
    Abbey’s Hope Charitable Foundation

  2. Marti Erickson on June 7, 2017

    Alan, thank you so much for listening and for your kind comment. Erin and I were so pleased to have Katey join us to discuss this very important topic. We hope this podcast reaches many thousands of parents. Thank you for the great work you do as Executive Director of Abbey’s Hope!