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Childhood Activities to Learn About Nature: A Conversation with Author & Educator Patty Born Selly

book image for ME's activities to learn about nature guest, Patty Born SellyResearch demonstrates the importance of starting early if we want our children to be good stewards of the environment. But that does not necessarily mean we should teach very young children about baby polar bears losing their homes or birds getting tangled in ocean debris.


Listen to Marti & Erin’s discussion with environmental educator and author Patty Born Selly about simple, fun, educational approaches to help your children learn about nature and love nature in ways that will motivate them to preserve what they love.


In what ways are your children learning to know and love nature? In a typical day, how much time do they spend outside playing and exploring? What small steps could you take to engage your children more often in outdoor activities to learn about nature?


For Patty’s books, click here.

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