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The Chemistry of Calm and Joy: A Conversation with Integrative Psychiatrist Henry Emmons

book for ME's chemistry of calm and joy guest, Dr. Henry EmmonsAs parents, many of us often find ourselves in reactive mode, letting stress, frustration, anger or disappointment overwhelm us. For some of us, those feelings reach the level of clinical depression or an anxiety disorder.


Dr. Henry Emmons has spent his career helping people understand and apply the chemistry of calm and  joy by using simple, accessible strategies to manage energy, quiet our minds, build resilience and maximize our experience of calm, joy and well-being. Learn with Marti & Erin in this helpful, inspiring discussion!


What ideas did you take away from this Mom Enough discussion of the chemistry of calm and joy with psychiatrist Henry Emmons? Think of a recent situation in which you felt like negative emotions were taking over. Next time a similar situation arises, what steps could you take to handle it differently?

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