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Reflections on Your Father and Fatherhood: A Conversation with University of Minnesota Professor Oliver Williams

photo of ME's father and fatherhood reflections guest, Dr. Oliver WilliamsAs a Social Work professor, Oliver Williams has devoted his career to helping men find the strength, compassion and self-control to treat their partners and children kindly and respectfully. With a special focus on African American men, Oliver works with local communities and national and international organizations to reduce domestic violence and support positive fathering.


In this warm and thoughtful conversation with Marti & Erin, Oliver draws on his work and, even more, his personal experience with his father (who died when Oliver was 16), the older brother who became a father figure to him and son Samuel, who, for 26 years, has been the light of Oliver’s eye (and mom Sonia’s). We thank Oliver for helping us remember and celebrate the fathers in our lives!


What are some of your strongest childhood memories of your father (or a father figure if you didn’t grow up with your father)? How do you think your children will answer that question when they are older?

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