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Stories and Laughter: One Mom’s Journey from Conception to Confusion

book image of ME's From Conception to Confusion guest, Julie DavidsonLike many parents, radio host and author Julie Davidson has been surprised at every turn, from her efforts to become a parent through the antics of toddlers to the trials of adolescence.


She knows the power of authentic stories, both as liberation for the teller and “aha moments” for the listener. She also knows the power of humor to carry a parent through those inevitable “did this really happen?” situations. Sit back and enjoy Julie’s free-wheeling conversation with Marti & Erin!


This week’s Mom Enough guest, Julie Davidson, uses humor to cope with some of the surprises and challenges of conception and parenting. In what difficult or awkward parenting situation has humor helped you? How about writing that vignette and saving it for when your child is grown up and becoming a parent?


For Julie’s blog, click here.

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