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Nail-Biting, Nose-Picking and Thumb-Sucking: Harmless Habit or Cause for Concern

photo of ME's nail-biting and other habits guest, Dr. Andy BarnesCountless children (and adults, for that matter!) are in the habit of nail-biting, hair-twisting, thumb-sucking or nose-picking. When might those behaviors be cause for concern? Even if they are apparently harmless habits, are there reasons to try to put an end to them?


University of Minnesota pediatrician Dr. Andy Barnes brings reassurance and practical advice to this week’s lively chat with Marti & Erin!


Note: You will want to stay tuned through the end of the show for a Relationships that Nurture brief from St. David’s Center. This segment addresses what you can do to ease your child’s separation anxiety.


Does your child have a habit, like nail-biting, hair-twisting, thumb-sucking or nose-picking, you’d like to bring to a stop? What purpose do you think that behavior serves for your child? Is there a more acceptable behavior that might serve the same purpose? What ideas did you get from this week’s Mom Enough show about how to understand and respond to your child’s habit?

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