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Moving from Parent Shaming to Strength and Clarity in Being a Loving, Effective Parent

book image for ME's parent shaming guest, Mercedes SamudioJust as shaming our children undermines their healthy development, shaming parents undermines them and spills over to their children as well.


California therapist, coach and writer Mercedes Samudio has a mission to end parent shaming and help parents build a “shame-proof village” that will support them in using effective parenting strategies and sustaining strong, healthy relationships with their children at every age. Marti & Erin loved Mercedes’ wise approach and are glad to have her as part of the Mom Enough village of parent support!


In what situations have you felt judged or shamed for the way you parent or the life choices you’ve made as a mom or dad? In what ways have you felt yourself judging other parents? What steps have you taken or could you take to build a positive network with other parents in which you all can be heard, supported and encouraged to find what’s best for your children?


For Mercedes’ blog, click here.

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