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Minimizing Harm When Parents Are Separating or Considering Divorce: Part 2 of “When Your Marriage Is Not What You Want It to Be”

photo of ME's parents considering divorce guest, Ron OuskyWhen a couple decides to separate or is considering divorce proceedings, it’s a heartache not only for the couple but for many people close to them. And sadly, children often hurt the most.


But this week’s Mom Enough guest, collaborative attorney Ron Ousky, has devoted his career to helping couples find options that minimize harm for everyone involved, especially children. He also knows that beginning divorce proceedings doesn’t always mean completing them; he keeps choices on the table. Marti & Erin have experienced firsthand Ron Ousky’s thoughtful approach and they are eager for you to learn from Ron’s wisdom and from their own family experience. (This important discussion is the second of a special 2-part series.)


What did you hear in this Mom Enough discussion about collaborative divorce that was surprising or thought-provoking? What are some steps couples considering divorce (or other family members or friends) can take to help children stay strong even through something as difficult as divorce?


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