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Internet Essentials: Helping Children and Families Bridge the Digital Divide

photo of ME's bridging the digital divide guest, Jill HornbacherFor low income families, “equal opportunity” is missing in many aspects of their lives, including access to high-speed internet and the devices necessary to use that connection. This gap in access to the Internet and computers is known as the digital divide. In today’s technology-driven world, how does a student do homework without access? How does a parent apply for a job or even learn what jobs are available?


Comcast is bridging that digital divide for thousands of families, including those whose children qualify for free lunch or even attend a school in which many students qualify. Listen to this important conversation with Comcast’s Jill Hornbacher to learn about eligibility, the low monthly cost and the opportunity to purchase a computer for just $150. If you don’t need the help, maybe your PTA, place of worship or community organization could take on a project to help other families take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity.


If a student or parent doesn’t have a computer and internet access, how could that complicate their daily lives? Who do you know who could benefit from this low-cost access and laptop? How can you get the word out through your school or other organizations?


To learn more & apply for Internet Essentials, click here.

For the Internet Essentials brochure (English + Spanish), click here.

For an Internet Essentials fact sheet, click here.

To print an Internet Essentials flyer (English + Spanish), click here.

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