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Cultural Competence for Parents, Children and Professionals Who Serve Them: Reflections and Insights from Way to Grow

photo of ME's cultural competence guests, Carolyn Smallwood & Ashley SauppHeadlines remind us everyday of how divided we have become in this country and how little we understand of each other’s experience, past and present. But our peace, security and wellbeing (and that of our children) depend on how we learn to understand and respect each other.


As this week’s Mom Enough guests recognize, listening with an open mind and heart is key to cultural competence. That happens best one person, one story, at a time. Don’t miss this heartfelt conversation between Marti and guests Carolyn Smallwood, CEO, and Ashley Saupp, Education Programs Manager, of Way to Grow.


Think of someone in your workplace, school or community who is of a different cultural background than you. What do you know about his or her cultural practices, beliefs, personal history, hopes, challenges and concerns? What steps could you and your family take to build connections with – and learn from and with – that person and his or her family (components of developing cultural competence)?


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