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Making Your Child’s Safety Top Priority, Tots to Teens: Crucial Information on Safety Seats and Seat Belt Safety

photo of ME's seat belt safety guest, Shannon RyderAs a firefighter and first responder to traffic accidents, Shannon Ryder saw firsthand the tragedies that can result when drivers and passengers don’t follow best practices in traffic safety.


Now, as coordinator of child passenger safety for DPS-OTS, Shannon devotes her career to helping parents understand and apply strategies to protect children at every age, from newborn to teenager. Listen carefully to Shannon’s important conversation with Marti on safety seats and seat belt safety in this week’s episode of Mom Enough.


Think about the age and size of each of your children and what you just learned about safety seats and seat belt safety. What can you do to keep your children as safe as possible in the car? If a child resists (such as Marti’s example of her 13-year-old grandchild), how will you handle it?


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