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Developmental Screening and Early Intervention: Guidance from Pediatrician Sylvia Sekhon

photo of ME's developmental screening guest, Dr. Sylvia SekhonYou’ve heard how important it is to monitor your young child’s development to be sure it’s on track and to get intervention as soon as possible if there are signs of possible problems. But what does that developmental screening and assessment process look like? And what is the role of your child’s pediatrician in monitoring not only your child’s physical health but also things like language development and social emotional behavior?


Pediatrician Sylvia Sekhon represents Help Me Grow in this week’s Mom Enough show to help you understand developmental screening, assessment and intervention services that are available to help your child live and learn as well as possible.


In what ways has your pediatrician monitored your child’s behavior and development in areas beyond physical health? Has your doctor reassured you when you expressed concerns about your child’s development? Or has he or she raised concerns about things you noticed? If there are signs of possible problems, why is it important to get help as early as possible rather than taking a “wait and see” approach?


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