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Helping Parents Heal after Miscarriage, Stillbirth or a Prenatal Diagnosis of a Life-Threatening Condition

photo of ME's healing after miscarriage stillbirth loss, Delta Larkey & Alyssa WrightFor many of us, pregnancy is a time of excitement, joy and anticipation of who this baby will be. But when anticipation turns to loss through miscarriage, a devastating prenatal diagnosis or stillbirth, grief engulfs mom, dad and other family members. Too often these heartbreaking experiences are suffered in silence – or perhaps dismissed by well-meaning friends who say, “You’ll be able to have another baby.”


Delta Larkey and Alyssa Wright, therapists and owners of The Family Development Center, are devoting their careers to helping families navigate these losses and find strength and healing through rituals that are responsive to each family’s unique needs and strengths. Don’t miss this candid, helpful discussion!


Have you or someone close to you experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth or other pregnancy-related loss? What was that like and what was helpful? What did you learn in this Mom Enough discussion about the range of emotions and challenges families face in these situations? And what can healthcare providers, family members and friends say and do to be helpful and supportive?


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