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Promoting Your Child’s Love of Reading: Kids & Family Reading Report Insights into Where, What and How Children Read

photo of ME's Kids & Family Reading Report guest, Liza BakerThese days it’s hard to miss the message about the importance of having books in our homes and reading to our children even before they can talk. But, with homework, busy after-school schedules and the seductiveness of all kinds of screen time, how can we keep our children reading for fun? In what ways do our own reading habits influence our kids? Who else influences our kids’ reading choices? And what are some specific books – or types of books – children are excited about right now?


Liza Baker, Executive Editorial Director in the Scholastic book publishing division, joins Marti & Erin for an information-packed discussion of survey results from the Kids & Family Reading Report (and maybe even some holiday shopping ideas!).


How interested are your children in reading for pleasure? What ideas did you get from this Mom Enough discussion about things you can do to help your kids develop or sustain a love of books? Were you surprised by any survey results from the Kids & Family Reading Report?


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