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Fighting Childhood Obesity through Family Involvement: How to Promote Healthy Weight in Children and Teens

photo of ME's childhood obesity guest, Dr. Daheia Barr-AndersonDr. Daheia Barr-Anderson has spent her career trying to untangle the individual, family and community factors that contribute to overweight children and adolescents and childhood obesity. An assistant professor in the U of M’s College of Education and Human Development (Department of Kinesiology), Daheia has put that research into practice in family-focused interventions, including an innovative mother-daughter intervention with African-American girls and their moms.


Tune into Daheia’s interesting and informative conversation with Marti & Erin on childhood obesity to learn what matters most and to think about how small changes can lead to big differences in the health of your children and you!


Think about your own family’s patterns of eating and physical activity. What aspects of your lifestyle, your relationships and your neighborhood support or hinder you and your children from maintaining a healthy weight? What small steps could you take to bring about healthy change?


For a study on family-focused physical activity, diet, and obesity interventions, click here.

For the U of M’s College of Education and Human Development, click here.

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