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The Roads Taken: A Conversation about Mothers and Employment with Dr. Deborah Kahn

book image for ME's mothers and employment guest, Dr. Deborah KahnAs moms, most of us give a lot of thought to deciding to be employed or to be an at-home mother. We may seek input from family, friends and books, even as pervasive media images of “having it all” also seep into our thinking. But what is known about the effects of a mother’s employment status on her children’s well-being and her own? Is there a “holy grail” of work status for mothers today? And, if not, what factors are most important in helping us make the best choice for our families and us?


Dr. Deborah Kahn addressed these questions in her doctoral thesis and expanded the ideas in her book, The Roads Taken. You’ll want to chime in on her lively discussion with Marti & Erin in this week’s Mom Enough!


After you had your first child, were you employed or at home caring for your child? Why did you make the choice you made? Has your decision been the same or different with subsequent children? Whatever your choices, based on this discussion with Deborah Kahn, how do you think your situation worked for you and for your children? Why?


For Marti’s 2005 survey study of mothers, click here.

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