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The “Terrible Twos” Reconsidered: Practical Tips for Meeting the Challenges and Discovering the Joys of Terrific Toddlers

book image for ME's Terrific Toddlers! guest, Judy SchumacherIt can be difficult to think toddlers are terrific when they are throwing a tantrum at the grocery store, rejecting the fancy new potty chair you bought or shouting “No!” in response to nearly every request you make. But the toddler period really is a time of extraordinary learning and development, and even the most annoying behaviors signal some of those exciting changes.


Judy Schumacher is a family educator, mom, grandma and author of the newly released Terrific Toddlers! She joins Marti for a rich discussion of how to understand your toddler’s behavior and guide her or him to use all that energy and newfound independence in more constructive ways.


Why do you think tantrums and negativism are so common in toddlers? What is the developmental meaning of those behaviors? What practical tips or helpful principles did you get from this Mom Enough discussion of terrific toddlers?

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  1. Maggie LaMarche on December 18, 2017

    Thank you for so many great tips for parenting (and grand parenting) toddlers. I am looking forward to reading Terrific Toddlers. Now if I could only master Judy Schumacher’s calm and soothing voice…