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Easing Loss and Grief in Children: A Conversation with the Director of Children’s Grief Connection

photo of ME's easing grief in children guest, Coral PopowitzGrief is a natural and dynamic response to a major loss and, for people of all ages, it demands time and understanding. But with grief in children, it doesn’t always look the way we expect. Children sometimes may appear irreverent or disrespectful – or they may be unbearably sad one minute and dashing out to play with friends the next. Grief also may sweep over a child years after a loss, taking on new meaning at a new stage of the child’s development, especially for a child who has lost a parent or other very close family member.


In this week’s Mom Enough show, Coral Popowitz from Children’s Grief Connection joins Marti & Erin for a rich discussion of grief in children informed by Coral’s years of experience supporting children and families through grief.


Do you have a child or know a child who has lost a parent or other close family member or friend? How did that child express his or her grief at the time of the loss? Over the following months or years? How does that fit with what you heard in this week’s Mom Enough discussion about the different ways children grieve?


For camps, programs and grief resources, click here.

For the NASP’s Death and Grief resource sheet, click here.

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