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Teaching Our Children Civility in an Uncivil World: A Conversation with Professor Abigail Gewirtz of the U of M’s College of Education & Human Development

photo of ME's teaching children civility guest, Dr. Abi GewirtzAs parents, many of us have been concerned about the incivility that has become so common in politics, media and public conversation and behavior. How can we teach our children civility – to be polite, respectful and empathic when they are surrounded with examples of adults doing the opposite? How can we help our children learn to think before they speak, reflecting on the possible impact of their words and actions?


Dr. Abi Gewirtz, professor of Child Psychology and Family Social Science at the University of Minnesota, joins Marti for a heartfelt discussion of this important topic.


Have you talked with your children about the idea of civility? Do they notice that many public figures don’t behave in the way you want them to behave? What ideas did you get from this Mom Enough discussion about how you could approach this subject with your children of different ages?


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