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Youth Sports, Child Health and Character Development: Candid Reflections and Practical Tips from Dr. Nicole LaVoi of CEHD (U of M)

photo of ME's youth sports & character development guest, Dr. Nicole LaVoiHow many hours have you spent driving your kids to games and practice for their various youth sports activities? What are your expectations and hopes about what your children will gain from their participation? Better health and fitness? Character development? A scholarship or big money?


Dr. Nicole LaVoi is Senior Lecturer in Kinesiology, Co-Director of the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport and Co-Founder of the Minnesota Youth Sport Research Consortium. She joins Marti for this lively discussion about youth sports, questioning many assumptions, calling out unhelpful parental behavior and challenging us to step up and use proven approaches to help our children reap optimal benefits of organized sports.


Did you recognize any of your own parenting behaviors in the things Nicole said parents should not do? What were the most important things Nicole said parents should do?


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