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It’s Just a Game – or Is It?

It’s Super Bowl week and excitement is high! These high-stakes games can be an emotional roller coaster for some people as they ride the highs and lows with their favorite team. Sometimes emotions boil over and create serious tension when friends or family members cheer for different teams, forgetting that this is just a game.


But however we feel about the game as adults, what may matter most is that kids are watching – and learning from our behavior, for better or worse! In that way, this IS more than just a game.


Marti joined KARE 11 News’s Zachery Lashway live from the Mall of America with these ideas for how to help children learn the positive lessons sports can provide:

1) Notice great plays on both sides

2) Emphasize the skill and hard work it took for players and coaches to get to this point

3) Seek out stories of personal resilience and people who made a difference for individual players

4) Comment on good sportsmanship when you see it in players, coaches and fans!


To read Marti’s It’s Just a Game — or Is It? tip sheet, click here.

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