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How to put reflective parenting into action

As parents, when we encounter a daily hassle or stressor, like our partner getting home late or our child not doing what we asked of him or her, it often triggers our overwhelming sense of responsibility. There are three ways that we can react to these triggers.


Watch as Erin describes the three ways of responding to a challenging situation, emphasizing the value of choosing to be reflective. So rather than impulsively reacting to the situation or ignoring it altogether, we can try to take a moment to pause and reflect.


If we can learn to pause/relax when we feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility, the prefrontal cortex of our brain has time to activate so that we can make a thoughtful and intentional decision about how to respond to the stressor we are encountering. This is putting reflective parenting into action!


Next we need to tell our children that we’re hitting the pause button. Erin shares language we can use, from toddler to teen.


This video is a portion of Marti & Erin’s educational presentation at Mom Enough’s 2017 A Night Out for ME event.


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