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Supporting Your Child’s School and the Role of Parents in Education: A Conversation with the Author of “Common Sense For Our Common Good: A Parent Guide to Good Schools”

book image for ME's role of parents in education guest, Jim BaumannWhat is the role of parents in education and what can we do to support our children’s school success? How can we tell if our children’s school is meeting their educational needs? And what is our part in building effective family-school partnerships to optimize the learning experience for our child and others?


Jim Baumann has been a teacher, a member of his local school board and state board of education and the leader of a billion-dollar business. Jim brings that experience, along with lessons he’s learned as the father of three children, to his thoughtful conversation with Marti in this week’s episode of Mom Enough.


In what ways do you support your child’s school success, both at home and in your interactions with educators at your child’s school? Reflecting on this week’s Mom Enough discussion of the role of parents in education, what further steps could you take to build an even stronger partnership with teachers and administrators at your child’s school?


For Jim’s website, click here.

For Jim’s book, click here.

For our Supporting Your Children’s School Success tip sheet, click here.

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