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Inspiring Your Child’s STEM Learning: Fun, Easy Opportunities in Everyday Life

photo of ME's STEM learning guest, Yvonne NgIn today’s world, STEM skills (science, technology, engineering and math skills) are hugely important to academic success and career prospects. Yet, as parents, many of us are at a loss as to how to support our children’s STEM learning, especially if we think we lack those crucial skills ourselves.


But this week’s Mom Enough guest, Yvonne Ng, brings a fresh and encouraging perspective on STEM skills. An engineer, educator and mom, she helps us see STEM in the world around us and ignite our children’s curiosity, discovery, experimentation and problem-solving from the earliest years of life.


In what ways did this Mom Enough show help you see STEM learning as something more accessible to you and your child? Based on what you heard, what kinds of things could you do with your child to promote hands-on STEM experiences, whatever his or her age?


For toys and games to develop STEM in informal ways as well as links to relevant resources, click here.

For Yvonne’s blog, click here.

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