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You’ve heard Marti & Erin talk about the importance of nature in children’s health and development, but what about us adults?

Drawing on his new book, The Nature Principle, bestselling author Richard Louv joins Marti & Erin to bring fresh insights and tips you won’t want to miss!


Richard Louv’s popular book, Last Child in the Woods, fueled a social movement to reconnect children and nature, striving to end what Louv dubbed “Nature Deficit Disorder.” Now, in his newest book, The Nature Principle, Louv takes those concepts even further, providing new research, grand ideas and practical tips for integrating nature, large and small, into our homes, schools and communities. (As Louv says, the more technology we have, the more nature we need!) This week’s Mom Enough show is a great chance to be inspired by Louv’s vision and to get ideas you can put to use right here, right now – ideas that can reduce stress and enhance the health and well-being of your whole family.


Think about your life over the past week. To what extent has nature been a part of your life? To what extent has technology been the focus of your activities? Please share your thoughts in our REPLY space!


For the Children & Nature Network, click here.

For the Minnesota Children & Nature Connection, click here.

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