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Good writing is essential to success in work and life in the 21st Century.

How early should you start your child writing and what are fun and effective ways to help your child discover the power of the written word?


Mastery of the written word is essential in nearly all walks of life, and success begins early. But that doesn’t mean drilling your toddler on letters and words. Literacy expert and author Pam Allyn joins Marti and Erin to talk about simple but powerful ways to engage your child – tot to teen – in putting ideas on paper, starting with a toddler’s scribbles or drawings and building toward clear, concise expression of feelings, concepts and logical arguments. This is all about empowering your child to use the written word creatively and effectively.


To what extent do you think technology (including texting and tweeting) helps or hinders good writing? Whatever the age of your child, what could you do at home to support writing while keeping the fun and excitement in it? Share your thought in our REPLY space below!

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