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As we enter the final weeks before election day, what are our children learning from the political messages and discussions they hear?

And how can we turn those lessons to ones of respect and appreciation for democracy?


In recent weeks we have been bombarded with political claims and accusations, and we probably have entered into some heated discussions of our own about this year’s candidates and issues. As Marti and Erin have discovered with the children in their lives, even young kids may be hearing more than we think and taking away lessons that are far from what we would want for them. But this week’s Mom Enough guest, Cara Finnegan (managing editor for FamilyEducation.com) brings helpful tips and resources to help us turn election time into an opportunity to teach positive lessons about shared goals, respect for different opinions and gratitude for living in a country where we are free to voice our opinions and vote.


How do you talk with your children, whatever their ages, about elections and voting? How could you explain the issues you care about and your views on those issues while still communicating respect for people who hold a different view? Share your thoughts in the REPLY space below!


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  1. Bria Worthy on October 21, 2012

    I need more information so I can become well-versed and prepared when discussing these political issues.