childhood vaccines guest Dr. Andrea Singh

Scientific breakthroughs have led to vaccines that have eliminated illnesses that used to cause death or lasting disabilities for both children and adults. (Marti remembers all too well the polio epidemic that struck the small town where her family lived before the polio vaccine was available.) Even when diseases have not been eradicated, vaccines offer…

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Richard Louv as Mom Enough guest

Ten years ago, with his bestselling book Last Child in the Woods as a springboard, San Diego journalist Richard Louv and a handful of colleagues (including Mom Enough’s host Marti) founded the Children & Nature Network (C&NN). That organization has been a major leader in the movement to connect children and nature, a go-to place…

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on our minds
Erin wedding A 7-22-16_sq

Congratulations to Erin and her new husband, Brett Mortenson, who were married on July 22 in Whitefish, Montana. Marti said it was a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple!   Their “familymoon” (an alternative to a traditional honeymoon) included hiking and engaging in other outdoor adventures in Glacier National Park with their three-generation family. There’s…

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tv appearances

Many parents understand the importance of setting clear limits for children and using appropriate consequences when children overstep those limits. But is that enough to help children be accountable for their actions?   Marti shared with KARE 11 News at 11‘s Bryan Piatt these practical tips on helping children develop the important quality of personal…

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parent-child attachment guest Dr. Alan Sroufe

No doubt you have heard a lot about why the attachment between you and your child is so important to your child’s lifelong development. But you also may have received mixed messages about what you need to do to build the kind of attachment that will put your child on the path to lifelong healthy…

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