We’re very excited about today’s Vision 2020 blog post by the University of Minnesota’s College of Education and Human Development! In it, Marti shares the journey she and Erin have traveled in the last 10 years of exploring modern motherhood on their show.   Have you heard the story of Erin going into labor and…

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on our minds
Erin_UofM_award May16A_sq

We are so proud of Erin, who received the 2016 Alumni Innovator Award from the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health. This award is given to a graduate who has made, developed or implemented innovative ideas, approaches or solutions to public health services through science, practice or education while displaying qualities of persistence in…

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According to a recent Star Tribune article by Aimee Blanchette, mothers in Minnesota are the sole, primary or co-breadwinner’s in 8 out of 10 families. That’s the second highest rate in the nation. Marti contributed some of her personal research findings to Amiee’s article in this excerpt:   Minnesota companies make it easier for moms…

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tv appearances
KARE_ME 10 yrs

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, a time to honor the women who are doing what often is described as the most wonderful and most challenging job there is. Moms sometimes feel pressure to measure up to idealized notions of motherhood, but is that what children really need?   Marti joined KARE 11 News…

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the teenage brain guest Dr. Dave Walsh

The teen (and tween) years are a time of major change in our children’s bodies and brains. Along with some of the wonderful growth in reasoning ability and independence comes a necessary challenging of parents’ ideas and authority. This often leaves parents feeling frustrated and unsure how to provide the guidance and protection our sons…

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