photo of being a good sport parent guest, Dr. Nicole LaVoi

We’ve all seen them (and many of us have been them) – the parents yelling at the referee, coaching their child from the sidelines or booing the other team. What are kids learning when they see that behavior? And how does that sport parent behavior affect children’s health, well-being and feelings about sports? University of…

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photo of helping a worrier child Mom Enough guest, Dr. Dan Peters

All children (and adults, for that matter) have worries and fears, but some of us, child or adult, worry so much that it interferes with our sleep, appetite, school, work and fun. California psychologist Dr. Dan Peters brings to this week’s Mom Enough show some well-tested practical steps for helping your child learn to manage…

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tv appearances

From the “little white lies” to “half-truths”, many people lie at some time in their lives. Children are no exception. So, what does it mean when a child tells a lie? Do kids lie on purpose, or do they just not know any better? At what age can children learn the concept and value of…

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photo of support for siblings guest, Monica Handlos

When a child has complex health needs or a disability, all family members are affected. Healthy, typically developing siblings often experience a wide range of emotions, including fear, sadness, anger, confusion or guilt. But Monica Handlos of Pediatric Home Service is helping provide support for siblings by helping them find common ground with other children…

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Those of you who read Real Simple magazine likely noticed Marti’s contribution to Ingela Ratledge’s article titled “How to Recover From Emotional Exhaustion” in the January issue. The article contained expert advice on how parents should react and what they should keep in mind after an emotion-filled event.   Marti gave advice for what to…

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