Many of us have been there — a sleepy child stumbling into our bedroom saying, “Mommy, I wet my bed,” loading wet sheets into the washer and wondering if this will ever end! This week’s Mom Enough guest, Renee Mercer, knows the situation well, both as a nurse practitioner specializing in the treatment of bedwetting…

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We’ve all heard “mean girl” stories and many of us probably have lived them. But the social rejection and humiliation kids inflict on each other is not unique to girls; in fact, this week’s Mom Enough guest cites evidence that relational aggression is equally common among boys and girls. Whatever the gender of the children…

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KARE_manners matter

Thanksgiving and the other upcoming holidays are a perfect time to help your children, whatever their ages, learn and practice good manners. And it’s more than just going through the motions of saying “please” and “thank you” and knowing which fork to use; good manners are about building empathy and respect, qualities to carry children…

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Modern science has led to the development of vaccines that have eliminated many of the diseases that used to cut children’s lives short or leave them with lifelong disabilities. Mom Enough host Marti remembers well the friends and neighbors who were stricken in the polio epidemic in the early 1950s and the enormous relief when…

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Serve and Return_New Version

Learn how different forms of adult-baby interactions help your baby reach her full potential in this University of Minnesota Institute of Child Development video.   For the UofM’s Institute of Child Development, click here.

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