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Learn how different forms of adult-baby interactions help your baby reach her full potential in this University of Minnesota Institute of Child Development video.   For the UofM’s Institute of Child Development, click here.

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No doubt you have heard a lot about why the attachment between you and your child is so important to your child’s lifelong development. But you also may have received mixed messages about what you need to do to build the kind of attachment that will put your child on the path to lifelong healthy…

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At times we all find ourselves parenting in a way that is easiest in the moment – doing things our kids should do themselves, letting bad behavior slide or falling for the “everybody’s doing it” line. But if expedience becomes the pattern, we will undermine our own best intentions and our children’s optimal development. This…

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Childhood should be a time of joy, discovery and positive connection with family and friends. So it’s difficult for most of us to imagine a child experiencing depression. But, as this week’s Mom Enough guest knows, depression can and does affect people of any age. And it’s up to teachers, parents and other caring adults…

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Although we like to think of childhood as a time of joy and innocence, the American Psychological Association estimates that about 15 million children in the U.S. have a diagnosable mental health disorder and millions more are at risk because of inherent or environmental factors. Yet only about 7% of these young people receive the…

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