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Grandma Betty & Clara, 2011

Yesterday, my sweet mom, Betty Farrell, died at the age of 90. Still a teenager when I was born, my mom gave me the love and emotional security that allowed me to embrace life and navigate its ups and downs. She is in my heart forever. ~ Marti    

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photo of ME's fitting in self-care guest, Julie Burton

It’s easy for our days as mothers to become one big to-do list. And when someone tells us we should make time for self-care, we might be tempted to shout, “Not one more thing!” Author Julie Burton knows that, but she also knows how important it is for moms to join forces to figure out…

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photo of ME's positive parenting strategies guest, Dr. Alan Kazdin

As parents, our days are filled with little challenges — making sure our kids get out the door on time for school, getting siblings to play well together, helping a toddler accept “no” without a tantrum, persuading teens to get off the phone and do their homework. Dr. Alan Kazdin, professor and director of the…

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Writer Julie Davidson asked Marti how kids’ understanding of relationships changes in their tweens and teens. Here is what was included in her Metroparent Magazine article titled The ABCs of Love: How kids’ understanding of relationships change as they grow:   The tweens and teens stage is a very awkward stage in a child’s life,…

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tv appearances
KARE_Preparing kids for love

America celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 14th. Many couples exchanged sweet words and surrounded themselves with hearts and flowers. But beyond the cards, candy and flowers of Valentine’s Day, what is our society’s take on love and romance? And what are the images and messages that shape our children’s understanding of this important part of life?…

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